The Atlanta Gambian Emergency Relief Association (AGERA) on Friday,successfully brought all Muslims in the Atlanta community to perform their Eid-ul-Fitr prayers under one roof. Many belief that this was a giant step in trying to galvanize the friendly relationships that existed between friends and families long before they came to the USA.

The prayers was conducted by Imam Baye Ibrahim Secka of Atlanta who spoke at length on how the prophet (PH) used to lived his life and how we are expected to live ours. Other Imams who attended the congregation included:Imam Alh. Yanhoub Hydara,Imam Gassama and many other community elders. This had enable people who haven’t met for a long time to be able to exchange greetings and ask for forgiveness from one another.
AGERA,a would be non-political organization,is headed by Mr. Musa Jeng who is said to be serving his last term since he took over from Alh. Habib Mbye, about five years ago. Many Gambians are believed to have benefited from the Organization in the forms of financial and material assistance.”The organization has helped a lot of families in the Atlanta area to have bodies of their loved-ones sent back to the Gambia” said one of the committee members. Another source told Gambia One Radio that the organization was in the past able to donate medical supplies amongst other things to the government of the Gambia through the ministry of health.

It is my firm belief that an organization that serves all people of different beliefs should do whatever it takes to stay neutral in all kinds of religious and political activities.

Written by: Batch Samba.